Emulsion DVD released by the end of the year

Finally a release date for the Enulsion movie, directed by Suki Singh and starred by Sam Heughan.

Thanks to fans's constancy and Tugg, Emulsion has landed in USA! There are several cities hosting a screening of the movie, so if you live near by, make sure not to miss it.

Some of the screenings are still in need of reaching the minimun number of attendees, so be sure to check the link above to make it happen by purchasing your ticket.

Meanwhile, in other places of the world ;) people is wondering if they will ever be able to see it. And guess what? Seems like you will.

That's what Suki Singh, director of the noir film, replied to one of Sam's fans over twitter, when she inquired if there would be another showing of Emulsion in the UK.

The info was also shared in Facebook, with some more details. Are you already thinking of ordering your copy? I know I am.

For more info about Emulsion, you can visit their site, Facebook or Twitter.

Also, if you want to set up your own screening, the Heughligans made this guide to help you do so.

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